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Admissions Information

Mr. Jinsung Son (Graduate Office)

- Tel : (+82)051-629-5194
- Fax : (+82)051-629-5195
- Email :

International Affairs Information

Mr. Wonzoo Park ( Coordinator, Office of International Relations )

- Tel : (+82)051-629-6907
- Fax : (+82)051-629-6910
- Email :

Touching Tommorow a Pukyong Natioanl University



College Section Recruiting Unit Remarks
College of
Humanities and
Social Sciences
Humanities and
Social Sciences
Division of Economics
  1. Major of Resources and Information Economics
  2. Major of Economics
Department of Korean Language and Literature  
Division of International and Area Studies
  1. Major of European Studies
  2. Major of American Studies
  3. Major of Chinese Studies
Department of Law  
Department of Public Administration  
Department of History  
Department of English Language and Literature  
Division of Japanese Language and Literature
  1. Major of Japanese Literature
  2. Major of Japanese Language
  3. Major of Japanese Studies
Department of Mass Communication  
Department of Political Science and Diplomacy  
College of Natural
Natural Sciences Department of Applied Mathematics  
Department of Statistics  
Department of Physics  
Department of Microbiology  
Department of Chemistry  
Department of Nursing Science Not available for Transfer Students
College of Business
Humanities and
Social Sciences
Division of Business Administration
  1. Major of Business Administration
  2. Major of E-Business
  3. Major of Accounting and Financial System
  4. Major of Tourism Management
Division of International Commerce
  1. Major of International Commerce
  2. Major of International Trade and Logistics
  3. Major of International Business Administration
College of
Natural Sciences Division of Civil Engineering  
Division of Architecture
  1. Major of Architecture(5-years program)
  2. The Department of Architectural Engineering(4-years program)
Department of Mechanical Engineering  
Department of Refrigeration, Air-Conditioning Engineering  
Department of Mechanical and Automobile Engineering  
Department of Mechanical System Engineering  
Department of Systems Management Engineering  
College of
Natural Sciences Division of Advanced Materials Science and Engineering  
Department of Metal System Engineering  
Division of Safety Engineering
  1. Major of Safety System Engineering
  2. Major of Fire Protection System Engineering
Department of Chemical Engineering  
Department of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry  
Department of Polymer Engineering  
Department of Electrical Engineering  
Department of Control and Automation Engineering  
Department of Electronic Engineering  
Department of Telecommunication Engineering  
Department of Computer Engineering  
Department of IT Convergence Applied Engineering  
Department of Graphic Arts Information System  
Department of Image System Science and Technology  
Department of Medical Engineering Not available for Transfer Students
College of Fisheries
Natural Sciences Department of Fisheries Marine Life Sciences  
Department of Marine-bio New Material  
Department of Marine Biology  
Department of Food Engineering  
Department of Nutrition  
Department of Biotechnology  
Humanities and
Social Sciences
Department of Marine Business & Economics  
Natural Sciences Division of Marine Production System Management
  1. Major of Marine Police Science
  2. Major of Marine Production Science
College of
Environmental and
Marine Sciences
Natural Sciences Department of Oceanography  
Department of Energy Resources Engineering  
Department of Ocean Engineering  
Department of Naval Architecture and Marine Systems Engineering  
Department of Earth Environmental Sciences  
Department of Environmental Atmospheric Sciences  
Department of Satellite Information Sciences  
Department of Environmental Engineering  
Department of Ecological Engineering  

Admission Information

Classification 2nd Semester,
2010, New
1st Semester,
2011, New
Transfer 2011 2nd Semester,
2011, New
Application Deadline
(Online application only)
17 May, 2010 09:00 - 20 May, 2011 16:00 9 Sep, 2010 09:00 - 12 Sep, 2010 18:00 10 Jan, 2011 09:00 - 12 Jan 16:00 16 May, 2011 09:00 - 19 May, 2011 16:00
Submission of Documents
(by post mail or in person)
26 May, 2010 18:00 15 Sep, 2010 18:00 19 Jan, 2011 18:00 25 May, 2011 18:00
Screening Documents and
Notification of Acceptance
4 Jun, 2010 17:00 14 Oct, 2010 17:00   3 Jun, 2011 17:00
Interview Applicants not
in China
16 Jun, 2010 11:00      
Applicants in China 16 Jun, 2010 10:00 (Local time in China)
Final Notification of Acceptance 28 Jun, 2010 17:00 10 Dec, 2010 17:00 9 feb, 2011 17:00 27 Jun, 2011 17:00

* Transfer is available for 1st semester only.

Number of students for Selection

No limitation on number of students. Selection is dependent on students' academic ability.

Types Requirements for new students Requirements for transfer students
A Those whose parents are both foreigners Students should have graduated (or be expecting to graduate) from high school in Korea or outside of Korea.
  1. Students should have completed at least 2 years and achieved 70 credit points at a 4-year university in Korea or overseas or graduated (or expected to graduate) from a 2-year college.
  2. Students should hold certificate of TOPIC level 4 or above.
  3. If students have graduated from more than 2 universities (colleges), they should submit both academic transcripts.
B Those who have completed the entire education from elementary to high school in a foreign country Students are not expected to then complete their entire education in accordance with the Korean education system from elementary to high school.

※ Applicants who have TOPIC Level 4 or above/TOEFL(PBT 550, CBT 210, IBT 80) or TEPS 550

* Requirements for TOPIC Level 4 will apply from 2011.
next If you completed high school in English speaking countries, the requirement will be exempted.

※ Applicants who have TOPIC score lower than level 4 can take Korean language courses at the Foreign Language Education Center in PKNU.

※ Current PKNU students can not apply for transfer.
next From 2012, applicants should complete at least 4 semesters at a 4-year/2-year university/college in Korea or in foreign countries as well as achieving at least 66 credits (if your college requires 140 credits for graduation, you should achieve more than 70 credits).

Admission Process
  • Screening documents : Prospective students are selected after a review of applications according to their ability to study and to further develop their area of expertise with PKNU.
  • Interview : The selected applicants from the 1st document evaluation are required to attend an interview in person.
  • Final Evaluation
    1. Students who acquire over a certain score through document and interview evaluation will be finally selected for admittance.
    2. The details not described on this guideline will be decided by the Admission Policy of the university.
Required Documents
Documents Requirement
Application (2 photos)  
Transcript of Graduation for entire education from elementary to High school (transcripts from undergraduate and graduate courses if you attended) After notarization, Apostille required
Certificate of Graduation (or expected) for High School (certificates from undergraduate and graduate courses if you attended) After notarization, Apostille required
Certificate of Nationality (copy of passport or copy of alien registration card, etc.)  
Certificate of relationship with parents (or document equivalent to family registration) Notarization required
Personal Statement and Study Plan in Korean  
Certificate of TOPIK issued by Korean Institute of Curriculum and Evaluation Level 4
Documents providing financial capability (Statement of bank balance: $10,000 in US dollars or the equivalent amount deposited more than 3 months) Original document
Certificate of Employment (or taxation) for financial sponsor Notarization required

* Notes

  1. The required documents must be submitted in their original form. If only copies are available, documents must be verified by the institute where the papers were issued.
  2. The admission fee is required when you submit applications.
  3. Certificates of Graduation and transcripts issued in foreign countries except China should be submitted with Certificate of Apostille by a government of the country where the institute/school is located. In the case of China, certificates should be notarized and certified at a Korean Embassy.
  4. When you submit the documents after notarization or apostille, you should attach translated documents in English or Korean.
  5. Applicants are responsible for any disadvantages from missing documents, online error, inaccurate or improperly omitted, infomation on the application, the incorrect address, contacts not being available and the immigration procedure not being activated.
  6. An applicant who is going to graduate should submit a Certificate of Graduation after entering the university.
  7. Additional documents may be requested when examiners are not able to evaluate properly through the papers submitted.
Application Fee

60,000 Korean Won

Tuition as of 2010 academic year
Section Undergraduate Graduate
Tuition Scholarship Actual tuition
Humanities and Social Sciences 1,972,500 574,000 1,398,500 2,083,000
Natural Sciences 2,329,500 584,000 1,745,500 2,467,000
Engineering 2,468,500 611,000 1,857,500 2,614,500
Remittance of Tuition
Bank Information Remarks
Remittance in Korea Remittance from abroad
  1. Bank : Suhyup-bank (Pukyong National University)
  2. Account No. : 705-01-171433
  1. Bank : Suhyup-bank (Pukyong National University)
  2. Account No. : 705-01-171433
  3. Swift code : NFFCKRSE
  4. Contact : 82-51-629-5070
When you transfer tuition fees, your name on the application should be the same as on your passport.
  • Applicant's name (English Spelling) and date of birth should correspond with the details on your passport.
  • Selected applicants should print out a Certification of Admission and tuition payment form from PKNU website as well as pay the tuition to the designated bank account during the registration period.
  • The applicants who are admitted to more than two universities in the same admission period may only enroll at one university. Their admission for both universities will be automatically cancelled if they enroll at more than one university.
  • Applications are only accepted via the website and all applicants are required to submit the printed application form with a 3cm × 4cm photo of their upper body taken within 3 months and necessary documents to the university by mail or in person.
  • Only successful applicants of the document evaluation are expected to attend the interview.
    * Interviewee should bring ID (with photo) and test identification slip.
  • If any of the following apply, the admission will be rescinded and his/her enrollment will be cancelled.
    1. Applicants who don't attend interview
    2. The applicant was admitted through false information or fraudulent/altered documents.
      ※ If false information or fraudulent/altered documents are discovered or the applicant fails to get permission for entry to Korea even after he/she is enrolled, the admission will be cancelled.
  • The details not described on this guideline including the acknowledgement standard for foreign schools will be decided by the Admission Policy of the university.


Type Scholarship Annual amount Remarks
Scholarship for good grade 1,745,000KW/Semester 3,490,000KW Undergraduate
Scholarship for working students 200,000KW/Month 2,400,000KW Undergraduate/Graduate students
RA/TA Scholarship 300,000KW/Month 3,600,000KW Undergraduate/Graduate students
Full scholarship 2,083,000KW ~ 2,614,500KW/Semester 4,166,4000
Graduate students
NIIED government scholarship 100,000KW/Month 1,200,000KW Graduate students
Scholarship from other agents 65,000,000,000KW
(5,100 students were granted in 2009)
Undergraduate/Graduate students

※ The number of graduate students eligible for full scholarship is decided by the number of international students that one professor could efficiently instruct.

Academic System

Double Major

A system enables a student to be awarded more than 2 degrees when at least 35 credits are taken.


Students are required to take minor subjects worth at least 21 credits. (Non-degree program)

Changing Major

A system enables students to change his/her major or department according to his or her aptitude and talent. The quota allows only students within the 20% of the total number of students to transfer.

Connected Major

A system enables students to take other majors which are related to their first major upon demand. Students are required to take at least 35 credits.

Summer/Winter Semester

A short-term semester during summer and winter vacation offers various subjects to students to take extra credits.

On-Campus Residence

On-Campus Residence
Campus Rooms Type Capacity Cost
Daeyeon 68 1 person/Room 68 1,566,600KW
876 2 person/Room 1,752 1,084,300KW
36 4 person/Room 144 832,000KW
Yongdang 261 2 person/Room 522 1,013,800KW
Total 1,241   2,486 persons  

※ International students have priority to use the rooms
※ The cost is for 1 semester including meal plan (3 meals per day)


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