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Admissions Information

Mr. Jinsung Son (Graduate Office)

- Tel : (+82)051-629-5194
- Fax : (+82)051-629-5195
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International Affairs Information

Mr. Wonzoo Park ( Coordinator, Office of International Relations )

- Tel : (+82)051-629-6907
- Fax : (+82)051-629-6910
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Touching Tommorow a Pukyong Natioanl University


On Campus Accommodation : Dormitory

A dormitory at each campus (Daeyeon Campus and Yongdang Camus) of the University provides you with an opportunity to live in a comfortable, secure and well-managed environment at a resonable price. The facility in Yongdang Campus "Gwang Gae To Gwan" opened its doors in 2006 and a new dormitory "Sejong Gwan" at Daeyeon campus is a brand-new multi-story building built in the winter of 2008.

Both of them have a central heating system and provide self-serviced restaurants, shower rooms, study areas, a launderette, a table tennis room, a computer room and lounge areas. Each room is fully furnished, but you have to bring your own linen, towel, slippers and other things that you may need. There are not individual telephones in the dormitory; however, you can make local calls, long distance calls and international calls by using pay phones. You can also use pay phones with calling cards that you can buy at convenient stores around campus. Neither smoking nor drinking is allowed in the building. Your own cooking facilities are not provided, but the housing fee includes a meal plan for three times a day over the duration of the semester. The detailed cost for each dormitory is as follows.

Daeyeon Campus
Type Room Capacity Price
Single 68 68 KRW 1,788,750
Double 782 1,564 KRW 1,289,950
Total 850 1,632  
Yongdang Campus
Type Room Capacity Price
Single 15 15 KRW 1,487,150
Double 246 492 KRW 1,231,950
Total 261 507  
* Note : The above amounts are subject to change according to seasonal and/or economical situations.
  • There is a bed, a chair, a closet and a refrigerator in your room.
  • You can find a restaurant, a bathroom and a laundry room in each floor.
  • The cost for vacation is charged separately.
  • All fees include the deposit.
  • New students can apply through Office of International Relations.
  • To reserve a room for your stay period, full payment in advance is required. Your room will be booked in the order of the receipt of a dormitory application and payment will be given after admission is confirmed.

Off Campus Accommodation

If you plan to seek off-campus housing, you should arrive well before classes start. You can find a private boarding house or self-boarding near the University. Private rental is usually one-room style for single students. It is furnished with bathroom and kitchen facilities. Normally a minimum lease duration is for one year with approximately USD 5,000 of deposit and USD 300 of rent per month. These might change, however, depending on the size and type of accommodation. In such cases, students can reduce costs by sharing.


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