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Admissions Information

Mr. Jinsung Son (Graduate Office)

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International Affairs Information

Mr. Wonzoo Park ( Coordinator, Office of International Relations )

- Tel : (+82)051-629-6907
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Touching Tommorow a Pukyong Natioanl University

Business Research Center

Location #8102, Building 8, Daeyeon Campus
TEL +82-51-629-5708
FAX +82-51-629-5714
Web Site -

The Business Research Center was established on September 1, 2001, with the goal of being a strategic business research center and fisheries industry research center. It contributes to both national and social development by undertaking research and management diagnosis of developments in regional industry and the fisheries industry with regard to management, economics and trade.

Established Research Center
  • Fisheries Industry Research Center
    The Fisheries Industry Research Center was established in December 1965, and is the only research center in the social science area of the fisheries industry. It undertakes major work on the theory and practical development of management, the economy, trade, society and law with regard to the fisheries industry. It also undertakes considerable research with four research teams: a fisheries policy research team, a fishing village society research team, an international fishery research team and a fisheries business research team within the research center. These teams explore in depth basic problems in the fisheries industrial environment.
  • Strategical Management Research Center
    The Strategical Management Research Center was established in April 1994, and aims to contribute to the development of national and regional industry by researching specific problems in the economy and industry through research on overall business, trade distribution and regional industry. Its approach is to focus on problem resolution through the application of high-tech business methods within Korea and abroad, employing flexible cooperation in the research and management consulting areas to achieve this goal.
  • Global Distribution Research Center
    Building the world's best port distribution is one of the essential achivities for Korea if it is to be a leading country in the 21st century. We are expanding our research to include complex areas, including land and related enterprises from marine and ship centered research. In particular, this is accelerating the application of global leading management methods to present port distribution industrial research areas.
  • Global Maritime Tourism Research Center
    Maritime tourism is playing a very important part in improving the competitiveness of Busan and Korea. It was established to create a knowledge base of maritime tourism by applying this social science knowledge to maritime tourism. We are striving to nurture professional intellectuals and form an industrial cooperation system.
Research Institute
Fisheries industry research center Strategical management research center
Global distribution research center Global maritime tourism research center


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