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Touching Tommorow a Pukyong Natioanl University
TITLE PKNU Published in Dong-A Daily Newspaper
WRITE DAY 2017-01-26 14:28
WRITER Department of External Cooperation
COUNT 1366

PKNU Published in Dong-A Daily Newspaper

- United effort to welcome World Fisheries University

The World Fisheries University (WFU), which is planned to open its door in 2020 on the campus of Pukyong National University, was introduced to the media. 

Dong-A Daily Newspaper ran a full-page article on November 12 entitled “Efforts toward the birth of WFU,” highlighting significance of the WFU and its invitation process that has been undertaken by the government body, Busan Metropolitan City and Pukyong National University. 

“PKNU manages a pilot project, specialized graduate school course of three semesters long, and when the FAO finally approves the establishment of WFU according to the project result, the University will officially open its door in 2020,” the Dona-A said, “WFU is not only an educational institution but an international organization, which will have huge ripple effects for Korea. That’s the reason three bodies, the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries (MOF), Busan Metropolitan City and Pukyong National University, are putting in extra focus and effort.” 

The article introduced, “PKNU has the highest confidence and the oldest history in the field of ocean and fisheries. There is another project, similar to the pilot project, already going on.” 

 “WFU will be located in the Daeyeon Campus of PKNU, fully equipped with infrastructure facilities and student accommodation on a 6,000 square meters land area,” explained the article. It also wrote, “PKNU is busy with preparing for the pilot project. The three-semester long graduate school course starts in September 2017 with selected 45 students from developing countries. Professor Lee Sang-go is in charge of the project.” 

The article interviewed three people, President of PKNU Kim Young-seup, Director-General of the Overseas Fisheries and International Policy Bureau of MOF Jo Sin-hee, Director-General of the Marine and Fisheries Bureau of Busan Metropolitan City Song Yang-ho.

 “There was a time, not long ago, when Korea was heavily supported by the United Nations. Some of those countries are still standing in the way of development, and we are ready to repay them through education,” President Kim said in the interview, “Ocean Territory and ocean industry is the field where Japan and China is leading from the front among Asian countries. We also need to pay more attention to issues in relation to the ocean, in a more active way. The foundation of WFU will help Korea to get into an advantageous position.”  


He added, “Not only participating in research projects or offering special courses in concert with WFU, PKNU can also cooperate in the areas of international conference, forum and seminar. Every year two hundred specialists who complete the education will go back to their home country, and they are likely to become policy makers after ten or twenty years. This is creating a global network of ocean and fisheries experts who are expected to be reliable partners of Korea on the international diplomatic stage.

Dong-A reported that WFU will be the UN’s fourth affiliated university, after United Nations University (UNU) in Tokyo, Japan, University for Peace in Costa Rica, and World Maritime University (WMU) in Malmö, Sweden.

Jo Sin-hee, Director-General of MOF, said in the interview, “After 30 years of its establishment, WMU, founded by International Maritime Organization (IMO), has strengthened its position by training talent, making rules, and networking. I believe WFU can play the same role as WMU, making it a global organization. It also has broad significance to pass on Korea’s experience in the fisheries industry to developing countries to improve their capacity.” 

The article attributed the current outcome to the cooperation and solidarity of the relative bodies.

 “Busan City actually funds the establishment of WFU, ₩10 billion on building construction and annual ₩3.5 billion for the ten-year operation. According to the Korea Research Institute, the establishment of WFU is expected to make ₩128 billion of economic ripple effect and generate a total employment of 1,388 during a 10-year operation period,” explained the article, “It will also enhance the reputation of Busan as a hub of fisheries research.”

Busan City’s Director-General Song Yang-ho said in the interview, “It is unusual that the fisheries research institute, university specialized in fisheries, and fisheries industries are all located in the same city, Busan,” and he continued, “Businesses in relation to the fisheries industry, from process to storage, distribution and sales, are closely located in the city. Also there are ports capable of accommodating vessels for both of inshore and deep-sea fishery. This can lead to the establishment of WFU supporters association with the concerned institution and business people.”

The article also introduced the Busan City’s plan to support cultural activity, language education and medical expenses of the WFU students for their fast adjustment in Korea and to help them make good memories. <Pukyong Today>

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