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Touching Tommorow a Pukyong Natioanl University
TITLE The four universities in Namgu, Busan. ‘Let’s make things together!’
WRITE DAY 2017-04-17 11:08
WRITER Department of External Cooperation

The four universities within 1.7 km decided to open their school gates each other.

- Regardless of university affiliation, students can stay at a dormitory and they can take their favorite classes and earn credits as well by this decision.

Kim Young-Seup, the president of the Pukyong National University and Song Soo-Guen, the president of Kyungsung private university, Oh Geo-don, the president of Tongmyeong university, and the president Ahn Won-cheol of Busan art college have made an agreement of an exchange cooperation for coexistent development of universities located in Namgu, Busan. 

Their exchange grabs public attention for the point of goal to break up fences of these National universities and public colleges nearby in same borough inside of 'big tent' fever in a university town recently.

Pukyong National university ↔ Kyungsung ↔ Tongmyeong ↔ Busan art college can reach each other by buses in 10 minutes. By fully using of geographical merit, ∆ costal▪engineering▪business dicipline of Pukyong National University ∆ Liberal art▪ Art▪Business field of Kyungsung, ∆ characterization▪ Industrial education of Tongmyeong university and characterization of Art department of Busan art college can exchange their advantages to strengthen competitiveness.

Starting from this new semester, those students of four universities can use Busan Haeng-bok combined dormitory in Pukyong National University. Students of eighteen universities in Busan have moved into this newly built dormitory in this year, and the number of Pukyong students including four universities in Namgu shows the highest 88 % (1343) number of resident among (1528).

They promote collegiate exchange programs, such as opening their lectures and transferring credits each other. The school facilities, such as libraries and laboratories can be used to interact each other.

Moreover, they also operate a joint operation programs for the liberal arts course and extracurricular programs. The joint programs for inviting outstanding foreign students as well as overseas exchange students, and the life-long educations for local residents are will be promoted jointly.

“Let’s solve problems together that neighbor universities in the same region are facing. We are all close, so we can expect a lot of synergy effects from this co-work programs as we are located so close to each other. The fruition of the partnership will give a good influence and motive” Kim young-seup, the president of Pukyong National University said. Song Soo-Guen, the president of Kyungsung private university added, “Different from the other exchange programs so far, there must be a great advantage of close-in location each other. We can expect the paradigm shift in college. I hope we can trust each other for the fine results.”

The president Oh Geo-don mentioned “The cultural heritages such as UN memorial cemetery, the Busan museum, and the Busan art center are stand close in Namgu. Join forces, and make this area as cultural belt with UN memorial cemetery as the center.”

“Namgu is fulled with passion of youths. The campus town of Pukyong National University and Kyungsung university is the most focused among the youths in Busan. I will support this region to be developed to an art town.” Ahn Won-cheol said. <Pukyong Today>

△A view of the Convention of co-work ceremony.

△The presidents of four universities are looking around the Busan happy dormitory.

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