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Touching Tommorow a Pukyong Natioanl University
TITLE Students of 19 universities in Busan live together!
WRITE DAY 2017-04-17 13:03
WRITER Department of External Cooperation

Students of 19 universities in Busan live together!

△ The whole view of Busan happy combined dormitory.

The new type dormitory for students of nineteen universities in Busan has been shown up and draws public attention.

Kim Hye-cheon, the chairman of the board of ‘Korea Foundation for the Promotion of Private (&Public) School(KFPP)’ had the opening ceremony for the first regional established ‘Busan Happy combined dormitory’ which had founded beside of the school yard in Pukyong National University in Nam-gu, Busan.

Kim Young-seup, the president of Pukyong National University, Kong Sun-jin, the president of Dong-Eui Univ., those presidents of local universities and Kong Byung-young, the safety general manager of Ministry of Education, Yun Jong-soo, the residence welfare project section chief in Ministry of Land, Kim Hye-cheon, the chief director of Korean Foundation for the Promotion of Private (& Public) school, and Hong Ki-ho, the deputy secretary general for Planning and Management of Busan Metropolitan city have attended the opening ceremony which was held at 10:30 that morning.

Forty one billion and seven hundred million Won (53% of National housing fund, 37% of Private School Promotion Fund, 10% of state coffers) has been invested for leading construction business of Busan happy combined dormitory since August, 2015. It is a giant dormitory which is one floor of a basement and fifteen floors with 768 rooms scale in 27,717 square meter of total area with various supplementary facilities including a weight room, a convenience store and a cafe.

1,519 (Female 1,160 and male 359) students in 19 Busan local universities including Pukyong National university, Tongmyeong university, Pusan National university, and Dong-A private university moved into the new dormitory from this new semester. That kind college cohousing is the first case in the local.

Meanwhile, Busan Happy combined dormitory will be donated to Pukyong National university, the land offerer. The president of Busan Happy combined dormitory which is an incorporated company will manage for the next 30 years, Pukyong National university will take over the management of the dormitory later.

The president Kim Young-Seup expressed thanks that to the government and Korean Foundation for the Promotion of Private (& Public) school for providing precious space to the local students, and he added ’ we will support in a best way for the students to follow their dreams.’ <Pukyong Today>

△ The president Kim Young-seup (The fifth from the left side) with other attendants are cutting tapes for opening ceremony in front of the dormitory.

△ The president Kim Young-seup is giving a congratulatory message at the opening ceremony.

△ Facilities in Busan happy combined dormitory. From left upper side to the clockwise.


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