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Touching Tommorow a Pukyong Natioanl University
TITLE Why did the CEO of 150 gather in PKNU?
WRITE DAY 2017-04-17 13:10
WRITER Department of External Cooperation

Opening of Humanities Concert for Busan Ulsan Gyeongnam CEO

- Pukyong National University, 'CEO Happiness Humanities Concert' is held total 12 times for the first time in this year.

△ Professor Shin Byung-joo, who is in charge of the 1st Lecture of Pukyong CEO Happiness Humanities Concert, is giving a lecture to CEO Bu-Ul-Gyeong. / Lee Sung Jae(PR Team)

The first lecture of 'Pukyong CEO Happiness Humanities Concert' for CEOs of Busan Ulsan Gyeongnam area has been held in this year.

PKNU held in the first lecture of "2017 Pukyong CEO Happiness Humanities Concert" with the participation of 150 CEOs of Busan Ulsan Gyeongnam region. ‘Leadership of communication and engagement of Sejong era’ was held at 7:00 am on April 6, Held in the hall.

△ Professor Shin Byung-joo is giving lecture.

"The leader should be able to understand what the spirit of the era is and to be able to practice it," said Shin Byung-joo, a professor at the Department of History at Konkuk University in Seoul. “We have been able to leave the splendid accomplishments of our history, such as the Hunminjeongeum, the Hyangyakjjipsseongbang, and Jagyeongnu, by practicing the spirit of the times. "

The seminar, which started in 2014 and celebrated its fourth anniversary this year, will take place every twelve times every other Thursday from 7 am to 100 minutes from this day.

Following the 1st lecture, the 2nd lecture (April 20th) will be held by the professor Shin and will give a lecture on "a Manchu war, Northern expedition and the Thoughts for learning Qing Culture ". The 3rd Lecture (May 11th) will be offered by honorary Professor Kim Hyung-seok of Yonsei University, who lectures on 'Living for a hundred years', as a lecturer and lectures on 'The meaning of living'.

Kim Shin-il, the former minister of education, conducts the 4th lecture (May 25) on the theme of "New Busan's 100 Years of Leadership" and Kim, Young Soo, the historian who wrote 'Sīmǎ Qiān, Ask the Way of the Human' will take a charge of the 5th (June 8th) and the 6th (June 22nd) lecture. He will give a lecture on"What kind of leadership do we want?" (Leadership of chǔ zhuāng wáng), and

'Noblesse Oblige of zǐ chǎn '.

Participants are the CEO of the Bu-Ul-Gyeong region and the head of the relevant organization, and for inquiries, please contact the Department of External Cooperation (051-629-5091 ~ 2). <Pukyong Today>

△The foreground of Pukyeong CEO happy humanities concert event.

△ President Kim Young-seup is giving greetings to attendees.

preview Students of 19 universities in Busan live together!
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