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Admissions Information

Mr. Jinsung Son (Graduate Office)

- Tel : (+82)051-629-5194
- Fax : (+82)051-629-5195
- Email :

International Affairs Information

Mr. Wonzoo Park ( Coordinator, Office of International Relations )

- Tel : (+82)051-629-6907
- Fax : (+82)051-629-6910
- Email :

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Department of Cheminstry

Location #5413, Building 5, Daeyeon Campus
TEL +82-51-629-5580
FAX +82-51-629-5583
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Our department was established as an applied chemistry department in 1981 at Busan Fisheries University, and has a long history and an established masters degree program at graduate school with excellent teaching staff from each area since 1987, and a doctors degree since 1992. This has resulted in outstandings graduates who take a lead in society by showing good research skills. The Department of Chemistry has a curriculum to help students acquire the knowledge and practices matter in basic chemistry areas such as physics, organisms, analysis, inorganic and biochemistry with the best teaching staff belonging to the College of Natural Science. Advanced research is also currently proceeding at graduate school and it is concentrating on nurturing the best science intellectuals required by the industry and research sites.

Types of Certified Licenses

Chemical analysing engineers, engineering chemists, heat control engineers, environment engineers, danger product control engineers, chemical engineers, industrial manner control engineers, patent attorneys.

Possible Careers After Graduation

Chemistry-related companies, pharmaceuticals, chemical companies, environment, fiber, polymer, new material, energy, electronic, food, precise chemistry-related industries and research centers, academic and educational organizations, and government administration. 20-30% of undergraduates transfer to graduate school inside and outside of Korea.

Name Position PHONE E-Mail Major
Lee Uk Professor 629-5596 inorganic chemistry / x-ray crystallography
Shim Hyun Kwan Professor 629-5593 Photo-Organic Chemistry
Kim Don Professor 629-5586 physical/solid state chemistry
Kim Ju Chang Professor 629-5589 Inorganic Chemistry(Transition metal macrocycle chemistry)
Pyun Sang Yong Professor 629-5591 physical organic chemistry
Kim Yeong Il Professor 629-5588 analytical chemistry / photo electro chemistry
Kang Yong Cheol Professor 629-5585 surface analytical chemistry
Park Sun Joo Professor 629-5598 Biochemistry
Chang Byoung Yong Associate Professor 629-5597 -
Seo Sung Yong Associate Professor 629-5594 -
Kwak Min Seok Assistant Professor 629-5595 Nanochemistry and hybrid materials
Kim Hak Jun Assistant Professor - -
- Assistant Professor - - -
Kim Hyun Sung Assistant Professor - - -


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