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Admissions Information

Mr. Jinsung Son (Graduate Office)

- Tel : (+82)051-629-5194
- Fax : (+82)051-629-5195
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International Affairs Information

Mr. Wonzoo Park ( Coordinator, Office of International Relations )

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Divisions & Departments

Department of Display Engineering

Location Gaon Building, Daeyeon Campus
TEL +82-51-629-6405~6
FAX +82-51-629-6408
Web Site
School Image

This is the study of the basic theory and its applications that are necessary in the development of photo engineering and electronic imaging. Photoelectronic imaging material is the basis of image information, engineering, and the center of information media and the foundation of knowledge-based industry in the 21st century.

Our department is the only one of its kind in Korea. We teach and research theory and application techniques through lectures and practices by targeting image-related technology such as gain, form, record, process, analysis, and the saving and displaying of images.

Recently, image technology has been developed with image system technology, which is applied to electronic technologies such as modern image material technology, photo engineering, multimedia and displays combined with polymer/organic material, and nano technology based on image formation technology. This department can prepare students for employment by exploring and one of these fields in depth, according to students’ personal interests.

The number of intellectuals required is increasing rapidly because the image-related field (semi-conductor, TFT-LCD, ELD, LED, organic EL, photoelectric element, etc) has been identified as an industry of the future in Korea and overseas.

This department aims to developing its related technology and nurture professional intellectuals.

Employment fields are Samsung Electronics, Samsung SDI, Samsung Techwin, LG Electronics, LG Display, Hynix Semiconductor Inc., Seoul Semiconductors and enterprises related to display, semiconductors, photo-materials, venture companies and national research centers.

Types of Certified Licenses
  • Chemical and ceramic field : Engineer Chemical Industry, Engineer Bioprocess, Engineer Chemical Analysis, Engineer Explosives Manufacturing(Industrial Engineer)
  • Electronics : Engineer Semiconductor Design(Industrial Engineer), Engineer Electronics(Industrial Engineer), Engineer Computer(Idustrial Engineer), Engineer Computer Maintenance Control(Idustrial Engineer), Engineer Optics, Industrial Engineer Optical system
  • Information processing field : Industrial Engineer Office Automation, Engineer Computer System Application, Industrial Engineer Information Processing(Industrial Engineer)
Possible Careers After Graduation
  • Optical industrial-related fields: Design department in frostiness device manufacturers (digital cameras, DYD optical devices, optical devices for laser printers), optical communication and optical information-related fields (optical glass, lens prism, reflect glass, filter etc.), and design departments of manufacturers.
  • Semiconductors and display devices, spare part material manufacturing: manufacture semiconductors, TFT-LCD, semiconductors and display devices, semiconductors and displays of spare part material.
  • Chemical material-relate field: Manufacture PCB, TFT-LCD chemical material, photoresistance, material for Photochromism, material for photo-sensivitity, EL material, other chemical image-related fields, special coating sheets, photo-sensitivity sheets, ink jet inks, and special dye manufacturing companies.
  • Digital Image process-related fields: Digital image processing, security companies, recognition technology research of fingerprints, face and iris, web movie production.
  • Research Center: Optical and optical technology, imaging material, electronic imaging.
Name Position PHONE E-Mail Major
Lim Kwon Taek Professor 629-6409 Polymer Chemistry
Kim Jong Tae Professor 629-6410 Physics / Optics
Jeong Yeon Tae Professor 629-6411 Organic Chemistry
Heo Hoon Professor 629-6412 Physical Chemistry / Image Analysis
Kim Jee Hong Professor 629-6413 Electronic Image
Oh Jeong Su Professor 629-6414 Digital Image Processing
Jeong Yong Seok Professor 629-6415 Optoelectronics / OLED
Kim Jong Su Professor 629-6416 Applied Physics
Cho Byung Gwon Professor 629-6417 Display Driving
Kim Yong Hyun Assistant Professor 629-6418 -


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