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Admissions Information

Mr. Jinsung Son (Graduate Office)

- Tel : (+82)051-629-5194
- Fax : (+82)051-629-5195
- Email :

International Affairs Information

Mr. Wonzoo Park ( Coordinator, Office of International Relations )

- Tel : (+82)051-629-6907
- Fax : (+82)051-629-6910
- Email :

Touching Tommorow a Pukyong Natioanl University

CollegesDivision of Undeclared and Exploratory Majors

Division of Undeclared and Exploratory Majors

Location Division of Academic Affairs, Administration building 2F, Daeyeon Campus
TEL +82-51-629-5021~24
FAX +82-51-629-5032
Web Site

Mission Statement

Deciding on a major in university will influence the course of your university years and potentially your entire adult life. Making this important choice before you enter university can be intimidating since you do not know what to expect from the pre-decided major. Even after entering university, students lack confidence towards their major and delay their graduation to have a gap semester or year to participate in self-organized international language programs or language test preparation courses. This shows that university’s conventional electives curriculum has failed to equip students to face ever accelerating specialization and globalization.

The unique Undeclared and Exploratory Major program (UEM) at PKNU removes the abovementioned uncertainty and fear and offers complete overhaul of conventional curriculum by offering freedom and flexibility to explore a variety of majors and career options before making up your mind with a complement of various international programs. You will be able to obtain a full range of information about individual majors at PKNU and constant counselling before you are required to select a major. Unlike department-based undeclared major programs, the Division of UEM offers freedom to choose majors among all the offered programs at PKNU which includes colleges of Humanities and Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Business Administration, Engineering, Fisheries Sciences, Environmental and Marine Sciences and Technology. Also, you will be able to combine two or more majors to form a multidisciplinary study which may become invaluable in today’s merging-of-technology economy. Furthermore, students who enroll in the UEM program will gain priority access to PKNU’s diverse international programs such as international exchange programs, short-term foreign language programs, and international internship programs. Lastly, you will have dedicated faculty members, support staff, and departmental space throughout the study period (generally 4 years) and participate in various departmental activities. By enrolling in the Division of UEM, you will have unlimited freedom and resources to choose a major and participate in unique international programs to achieve the academic and career goal you always dreamed of. We look forward to seeing you at the Division of UEM at PKNU.

Freedom to explore majors

In the 1st year, students will be enrolled in a specialized program which combines variety of intensive English course, general electives, and core courses that will help them to settle down to university life. Major selection seminars will be held during the 2nd semester where helpful information about most of the majors offered at PKNU will be provided. Also, six highly qualified faculty members from variety of disciplines will be always available to guide students to the right major of their choice.

Freedom to explore the world

Students will be given priority access to international exchange programs (name of schools), short-term foreign language programs (name of programs or country), and international internship programs (name of companies) offered at PKNU. These opportunities will provide students with global insight that will be an important asset throughout their career.

Freedom to enroll in multidisciplinary programs

Students are free to select not just one major but two or more majors to form one’s own multidisciplinary program. In order to facilitate such multidisciplinary approach, samples of various possible curriculum will be provided by the faculties to support students to merge different academic fields.

Constant supervision throughout 4 years of study

Students will be given constant access to highly qualified faculty members from various disciplines which include Department of Physics, Food Science & Technology, International Business, Economics, International and Area Studies, and Mechanical Engineering.

Constant departmental support throughout 4 years of study

Students will gain continuous access to dedicated departmental offices, study area, extra-curricular activity rooms, etc which maintains the integrity of the program throughout the end of the study period (usually 4 years). Furthermore, departmental extra-curricular activities such as English debate clubs, international culture exploration clubs, FTA clubs, etc, will be available for UEM students to enroll.


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