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Interview | Kim Soo-Hyeon, the second runner-up in Miss Busan contest'
WRITER 대외협력과 WRITE DAY 2023-05-30
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Interview | Kim Soo-Hyeon, the second runner-up in Miss Busan contest'
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"If you experience various things, you can know your potential that you did not even know about yourself"

- Kim Soo-Hyeon, a senior in the dept. of business administration, ranked 2nd in the Miss Busan beauty contest

Kim Soo-Hyeon during the interview.

A Pukyong National University student took second place in the 'Miss Busan contest for Miss Korea regional preliminary'.


The story is about Kim Soo-Hyeon, a senior at the department of business administration at Pukyong National University.


Kim Soo-Hyeon participated in this competition held at hotel Nongshim in Busan on April 18, hosted by GLOBAL E&B and supervised by the Hankook Ilbo, and was recognized for her various charms for intelligence, dignity, and talent.


The Blue, the public relations ambassador, met and interviewed Kim Soo-Hyeon, a student who experienced an unusual challenge.


When asked about her motivation, she said, "While serving as an admission ambassador, I gained confidence through my experience holding a microphone and speaking out in front of people. Through this, I learned how to naturally reveal myself to people, and I was encouraged to participate in the competition."


Kim Soo-Hyeon served as the 18th Pukyung Narae for a year, the public relations ambassador for admissions last year. After being a public relations ambassador, she even challenged the Miss Korea contest, guess, is she a person who has an outgoing personality?


"It was difficult because I was a bit introverted," she confessed and added, "It was difficult to overcome the pressure and tension of having to show myself in a very short time."


There were other difficulties too. She said, "I realized that I did not have enough muscle to walk and pose on high heels. I worked hard while receiving personal training. I also took care of my mentality with the thought of having fun."


What was the reason she took on a new challenge despite these difficulties?


Kim Soo-Hyeon said, "You can learn a lot in the process of taking on challenges. You can make time to get to know yourself in the process of preparing", and talked about impressions, "I was really happy when my number was called on stage (announcement of the results)."


Having been recognized for her beauty in the Miss Korea contest, isn't she a popular girl at campus? The answer was ‘no’. "I was just an ordinary student who study at college quietly. I think I became somewhat popular among high school students while serving as a public relations ambassador," she said with a laugh.


She said, "When I just entered the university, I did not even know that I would become a public relations ambassador and compete in the Miss Korea contest. I am trying to find opportunities on my own, and as a result, I am experiencing and learning that much," added, "If you go through various experiences, you will be able to discover potentials that you do not even know about, and you will be able to create your own value. I recommend that you also actively participate in various programs of Pukyong National University."


Kim Soo-Hyeon will work as a tourism ambassador for Busan for a year and will participate in the Miss Korea contest of 2023 to be held on October 10th as a representative of Busan.


When asked about her future goals, she said, "These days, my priority goal is the Miss Korea contest (finals). I will try to make up for what I lacked in the preliminaries." <Pukyong Today>