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Service for International students


Living and studying outside your country will be one of the most exciting experiences in your life. Many challenges lie ahead. The I-Friend program is aimed to give help and guidance to international students in order to adjust to living in a new environment with rules and customs undoubtedly different from your own. You can learn and understand Korean life and culture through personal touch and cultural exchange with your I-Friend members. Also, you will be able to enhance your language proficiency to communicate more comfortably in your daily lives. The Office of International Affairs will receive applications from local students and select your friends considering your preference. If you would like to make your stay in Korea as pleasurable and easy as possible, you're welcome to join the I-Friend Program. For more details, please drop us a line!


The Office of International Affairs conducts a daylong field trip once a term. The purpose is to introduce international students and visiting professors to the historic and cultural life of Korea. Its aim is for them to gain an overview of Korea and Korean culture by visiting well-known tourist attractions and joining a variety of cultural activities. It also helps them enjoy Korea and meet others from different backgrounds.The excursion schedule will be emailed to all current foreign students and visiting scholars prior to this event.

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