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There are several different kinds of Intra-City and Inter-City bus lines available for a variety of transportation needs.There is a bus lane designated for public transportation during rush hour.

Intra-City Buses

There is an extensive network of Regular, Deluxe, and Deluxe Express buses that can help you reach any part of the Busan Metropolitan area. All buses carry a sign specifying the line number and their destination (in Korean) on the front and the sides of the bus.Bus fare is divided into student (elementary, middle and high school students) and adults. You should pay your bus fare when getting on a bus.To get off the bus, push the button before arriving at your bus stop. Cards can also be used to pay for bus fares at a slightly discounted rate. Children under the age of 6 can ride free of charge. Deluxe Express buses make fewer stops than other Intra-City Buses.


One can purchase a transportation Card at subway station ticket windows or at a variety of vendors throughout the city. Transportation cards work like debit cards. They cost a few thousand won initially and can be credited in increments of 10,000 won. The card can be kept in a wallet or purse and waved over a magnetic strip on entry turnstiles.

  • Electronic Payment Method : Issuing Civil Affair Documents, Transportation, Culture / Sightseeing, E-Commerce Personal
  • Authentication Method : Dealing with Internet Civil Application Service, E-Commerce, Payment of Taxes , Reservation / Booking, etc.
  • Information Storage & Management : Information storage for Personal identification (admission tickets, medical examinations and treatments, etc.) Reservation / Booking Information Record

Inter-City Buses

There are two kinds of Inter-City buses. One is an Inter-city bus that makes many stops on its way to its destination and the other is an express bus that goes directly to its destination. There are two intercity bus terminals: Busan Central Bus Terminal and Seobu Bus Terminal.

    • address : Subway line #1 , 133 Nopo-dong, Geumjeong-gu (Tel : +82-51-508-9955~7)
    • Covers the eastern region including Ansan, Jinju, Chongju, Chonju, Inchon, , Gwangju, Gyoungju Chunchon, Sangbong, Seoul, Songnam, Sunchon, Daegu, Daejon, Uijongbu, Yosu.
    • Buses to Ansan, Jinju, Jeongju, Cheonju, Incheon, Gwangju, Gyoungju Chuncheon, Sangbong, Seoul, Songnam, Sunch`on, Daegu, Daejon, Uijongbu, Yosu 148, 49-1, 1002, 301, 37, 50, 50-1

    • address : Subway line#2 , Kwoebup-dong, Sasang-gu (Tel : +82-51-322-8301)
    • Covers the western region including Changwon, Haeinsa, Hapchon, Masan, Miryang, Mokpo, Namhae, Namwon, Bugok, Byochungsa, Daegu, and Dongyong
    • Buses to Changwon, Haeinsa, Hapcheon, Masan, Miryang, Mokpo, Namhae, Namwon, Bugok, Pyochungsa, Daegu, and 1004(night only), 110, 15, 159, 338, 128, 169, 31, 62, 160, 33, 59-1, 138-1, 161, 186, 61, 8, 77