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The 77th school re-birthday and 99-year history birthday
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The 77th school re-birthday and 99-year history birthday
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PKNU celebrated its 77th anniversary

- presented academic awards at the administration building on the 9th

A front view of the opening ceremony. President Jang Young-Soo is giving a greeting. Photo Lee Sung-Jae (PR team)


On the morning of May 9, Pukyong National University (President Jang Young-Soo) held a ceremony to commemorate the 77th school birthday in the conference room on the second floor of the administration building, attended by guests such as former president Kang Nam-Ju, chairperson Seo Young-Ok from the alumni association, president Jin Gil-Ho from the AMP alumni association, faculty members, and students.


At the event held one day before May 10, which is the anniversary of the opening of Pukyong National University, President Jang Young-Soo explained, "The number of the 77th school birthday is calculated based on 1946 after liberation according to the national university establishment decree, but the real history of its long founding dates back to Pusan National University of Technology, which was established 99 years ago."


"Pukyong National University, which was born through the innovative integration of Pusan National University of Technology and Pusan National University, which was established in 1941, has established itself as a specialized comprehensive national university that is advancing into the world today," he stressed.


President Jang made a request for determination, saying "At this point where our university has taken the lead in innovation more than any other university and recognized as a leading innovation university by the region, the country and the world, let us take a step to get strong mind to leap forward even more."


On this day, three professors, Kim Do-Hoon (major of the marine and fisheries business and economics), Choi Yo-Soon (dept. of energy resources engineering), and Kang Hyun-Wook (biomedical engineering) received the 27th Pukyong National University academic award for their contribution to academic development, as publishing excellent papers in domestic and international academic journals.


Also, three professors including Heo Yoon (dept. of Korean language and literature), Ryu Jong-Sik (major of environmental geosciences), and Lim Sung-In (dept. of chemical engineering), received the research rookies award for their creative and passionate research activities.


Six professors including Park Jong-Cheol (dept. of marine sports), Kim Do-Hyeong (dept. of aquatic life medicine), Chung Yeon-Ho (dept. of information and communications engineering), Kim Baek-Min (major of environmental atmospheric sciences), Kang Tae-Seop (major of environmental geosciences) and Noh Young-Min (environmental engineering) received the 15th Pukyong National University industry-university cooperation award for their active industry-university joint research and technology transfer.


In addition, 23 faculty and staff members received the award for contributor to university development, professor Choi Hee-Rak (materials science and engineering) with 5 people received the alumni association presidential award. 34 students received special awards, and 31 long-serving faculty members and 18 long-serving faculty members with 20 years of service also received awards.


On this day, Seo Yeong-Ok, the alumni association chairperson delivered a congratulatory speech by saying, "On behalf of the 220,000 alumni, I heartily congratulate our alma mater on its anniversary. We will do our best to support our alma mater develop into a global university active in the world."


Kang Nam-Ju, the former president said, "Looking back at the long history of Pukyong National University, that has grown like a big forest, I feel it is priceless and grateful." <Pukyong Today>

Prior to the opening ceremony, President Jang Young-Soo and other officials visited Baekyong tower.

A national courtesy is underway at the ceremony marking school birthday.

President Jang Young-Soo presenting the industry-university cooperation award.

Seo Yeong-Ok, chairperson of the alumni association, presents the alumni association chairman award.

Seo Yeong-Ok, chairperson of the alumni association, is giving a congratulatory speech.

Attendees of the ceremony posing for a group photo in front of the administration building.

Celebrating the school's anniversary, a free coffee event for students is being held at Baekyong street.