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A research company started at PKNU shoots up
WRITER 대외협력과 WRITE DAY 2023-05-30
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A research company started at PKNU shoots up
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NGM co., ltd., a start-up by PKNU professor attracted mega-rounds from KOSME

- a research institute founded by prof. Kwon Han-Sang... recognized for its technology for new heterocomplexed materials with lightweight and high heat dissipation


Pukyong National University announced that NGM co., ltd. (ceo Kwon Hang-Sang, professor of materials system engineering), a research institute company, has succeeded in attracting large-scale investment from the Korea SMEs and startups agency (KOSME).


'Next generation materials' is the predecessor company of NGM, which was founded by ceo Kwon in 2014, is a company that develops new high-performance heterocomplexed materials.


NGM co., ltd. was promised investment from KOSME in the form of acquiring RCPS (redeemable convertible preference shares) in recognition of its technological prowess in developing new materials that greatly improved functions compared to existing materials by combining nano-reinforced particles with materials such as powdered metals, non-metals, and ceramics.


The investment of KOSME attracted this time is still unveiled, but it is known as a large level as a single research institute company that started from a university. NGM has already received 2 billion won from the Korea technology finance corporation's 'support platform for university technology commercialization' program in 2018, followed by a follow-up investment of 1.5 billion won. The corporate value was recognized at 26.5 billion won in 2021, it also attracted 1.5 billion won of common stock investment from a global auto parts company.


Since the new materials developed by NGM have all the characteristics of each material or show more excellent properties when combined, they are evaluated by related industries that they will have a significant impact when applied as industrial hybrid materials.


For example, when aluminum and copper are combined, a new material is created that has half the weight and price of copper, but twice the heat dissipation of aluminum. Unlike improving only the existing properties of alloy materials, making new materials with all the properties of each material is a unique technology that only NGM has.


These new materials are recognized for their wide applicability to high value-added industries such as electric vehicle frames, automation and energy storage device material parts, semiconductor test sockets, and electronic device material parts, including lightweight and high heat dissipation materials.


Accordingly, the company recently signed contracts with several global companies for the development of materials and parts and technology transfer contracts worth hundreds of millions of won and succeeded in exporting $100,000 in the first half of this year. It is also negotiating with domestic and foreign companies on contracts for the use of patents and intermediate goods production agreements for full-scale commercial product production.

Ceo Kwon said, "Receiving great support in the initial growth through the industry-university-research cooperation complex development project and the LINC 3.0 project in the university, our company plans to start producing commercial products based on this investment attraction. Our company will do our best to create a high value-added industry with the technology developed at Pukyong National university and to play an active role as a material parts company in Korea that advances into the global market." <Pukyong Today>