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Leading the development of innovative quantum computing technologies
WRITER 대외협력과 WRITE DAY 2023-05-30
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Leading the development of innovative quantum computing technologies
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PKNU, PharmCADD, Busan city selected for business project 'quantum gain challenge research through quantum computing basis'

- a consortium formed by companies, universities, and local government invests 3 billion won for developing innovative quantum computing technology

A consortium formed by universities, companies, and local government, including Pukyong National University (President Jang Young-Soo), PharmCADD (ceo Woo Sang-Wook, founder ceo Kwon Tae-Hyung) and Busan metropolitan city (mayor Park Heong-Joon), was selected for the 'quantum computing-based quantum gain research 2023' project by the ministry of science and ICT and the national research foundation of Korea.


The project aims to create a quantum ecosystem and preoccupy the market by creating an innovative case of using quantum computing with a large industrial ripple effect. A total of five tasks were selected for this public contest.


The consortium with Pukyong National University selected the research project 'quantum gaining in the development of innovative anticancer drugs: development of quantum software technology for prediction of atypical protein structure', and a total of 3.05 billion won, including 2.75 billion won from the government and 300 million won from municipal funds will be invested by 2025 to promote the business.


Professor Woo Sang-Wook (dept. of physics) from Pukyong National University is in charge of research, and under the supervision of PharmCADD, an artificial intelligence drug development company run by professor Woo and co-ceo Kwon Tae-Hyung, universities, companies, and local government such as Pukyong National University, KAIST, Busan metropolitan city, and the Busan IT industry promotion agency participate in the consortium to develop innovative technologies through the use of quantum computing.


Quantum computing is a technology that is expected to have a great impact on innovation in various fields such as artificial intelligence as it can greatly increase the speed of computation processing by using quantum bits (qubits) with overlapping characteristics rather than bits, which are the basic units of conventional computers.


As selected for this project, PharmCADD, a company in Busan, oversees verification and commercialization of atypical structure protein data for the development of new anticancer drugs, and Pukyong National University plans to provide an optimized quantum computer compiler environment to improve the performance of quantum circuits, led by professor Han Young-Sun (major of software and artificial intelligence).


Along with this, KAIST oversees identifying and demonstrating quantum computer software and algorithm development and quantum gain principles, while Busan city and the Busan IT industry promotion agency play a role in securing a budget for funding and continuously discovering and spreading quantum technology companies to provide support.


Woo Sang-Wook, the ceo of PharmCADD, also a professor at Pukyong National University, said, "Through a close cooperation system based on the region, we will develop quantum software technology optimized for industrial demand, and strive to gain a competitive edge in areas where quantum computing can be used." <Pukyong Today>