Touching Tomorrow atPukyong National University



The first university in Busan ... placed in history as a national specialized collegiate university

New Beginning, New Inspiration!

Pukyong National University, the first university in Busan, is opening a new vision of quality education, research, and social service to lead the New Normal era under the slogan of ‘New Beginning, New Inspiration’.Based on world-class marine and fisheries engineering and convergence studies, Pukyong National University is attracting attention as a creative growth model as a specialized comprehensive national university, nurturing talents who will lead the future industries and the 4th industrial revolution era in the fields of artificial intelligence, robots, metaverse, big data, and block-chain.

The first integration into a national collegiate university … A good example of ‘role’ for the development of national universities

Pukyong National University (President Jang Young-Soo) has been founded by the National Fisheries University of Busan and Busan National University of Technical for the first time in 1996, as the first university to successfully integrate and it is a creative university that serves as a good example of the role and development direction of Korean national universities. The National Fisheries University of Busan, which had opened in 1941 as the first fisheries higher education institution in Korea and Busan National University of Technical, founded in 1924 as Korean first modern industrial technology educational institution, is a university that fostered and produced talents dedicated to the country and the community and a success story of the economic boost of modern Korean history.

A specialized National Collegiate University with 24,000 students

Currently, Pukyong National University has four campuses including Daeyeon Campus focused on education and research, Yongdang Campus for Industry-University collaborated research, Gijang Campus for the Institute of fisheries sciences, and Goseong Campus for the marine science and technology center. Colleges include Humanities and Social Sciences, Natural Science, Business Administration, Engineering, Fisheries Sciences, Environmental and Marine Science and Technology, Information Technology and Convergence, Future Convergence, Division of Undeclared and Exploratory Majors, Liberal Arts, and there are General Graduate Schools, 6 Special Graduate Schools, and 1 Professional Graduate School, which have an entrance capacity of 3,500, 24,000 enrolled students, and up to 600 professors approximately.

Cultivating future-oriented convergence creative talents by innovating the academic structure

Pukyong National University established a College of Liberal Arts exclusively for basic liberal arts education and first-year education (2021), and applied a school system to the colleges to lower the barriers for a cross discipline and to promote convergence. The College of Information Technology and Convergence, to which the Human Bio Convergence, Human ICT Convergence, and the Major of Big Data Convergence belong, also aims to nurture experts in new industries in this year of its establishment (2022). At the same time, efforts are being made to strengthen the three-dimensional education system represented by majors, liberal arts, and nonsubject activities, as well as operating a big data · digital expert training course that helps to link employment. Pukyong National University, as a specialized national university, is leading the academic development in connection with key industries in Busan, such as water and marine, through such innovation in the academic organization, and is taking a powerful leap forward for the innovative founding of the university.

A university receiving 'lavish' financial support from government

Pukyong National University has been selected as a university eligible for general financial support in the three-period university basic competency diagnosis in 2021, laying a solid foundation for the university's innovation and development. With lavish financial support projects, Pukyong National University is leading the specialization by enhancing the competitiveness of universities through National University Development Project, University Innovation, Leaders in Industry-University Cooperation (LINC+), 4th Industry Leading University Support Project, the Key Research Institute for Universities support project, HK+, R-WeSET 2.0, high school education contributing university support project, Lifelong Education at universities for the Future Education (LiFE), Industry-University Institute Collaboration Research Complex Project (URP), CAMPUS Asia: Collective Action for Mobility Program of University Students in Asia, Social Sciences Korea (SSK).

With multiplied government subsidy , greatly ‘expanded’ research support

Pukyong National University secured an all-time high of 76.5 billion won in research subsidy in the first half of 2021 (Jan. to June) alone. The total amount of research funding received, reflecting the characteristics of research projects conducted over several years, also increased significantly to 210 billion won in 2021, following 120.5 billion won in 2019, 163.2 billion won in 2020, and 210 billion won in 2021. Pukyong National University is recognized as a mecca for regional industry-university cooperation as it has taken a leap forward as a research-oriented university, creating a foundation for researchers to focus on research by promoting up to 30 research support projects based on the comprehensive plan for scientific research development project to strengthen research competitiveness.

'Yongdang Campus', the center of industrial-educational cooperation in the Southeastern region

Yongdang Campus is fully opened to companies since 2015, Pukyong National University's creative attempt to create an innovative platform for entrepreneurship and industry-university education, has become a national policy. This is the 'Industry-University Cooperation Complex Development Project (URP+)' sponsored by the Ministry of Education. Pukyong National University has built the largest industrial-educational cooperation infrastructure in the southeast region, providing customized consulting support for campus located companies, low rental rates, and various support such as mentoring by professors in charge between universities and companies. Pukyong National University is attracting attention as the center of industry-university cooperation in the southeast region by nurturing excellent talents necessary for the local community, helping companies grow and the local economy by conducting joint R&D, technology transfer, re-education, and collaboration with students with about 260 companies (as of 2021) that are located in Yongdang Campus.

Pioneering creative convergence education · research in connection with local industries such as fisheries and marine

Pukyong National University has been providing education and researching the field of fisheries and maritime affairs for the longest time in Korea. The new training ship 'Baek-kyung' held a service ceremony in 2021 and started sailing in earnest. With a gross tonnage of 3,997 tons, 'Baek-kyung' is the largest of the fisheries training vessels. Pukyong National University is conducting research, nurturing talent, and pioneering the ocean by criss-cross weaving the ocean with two high-tech vessels, including the marine exploration vessel Nara (1,494 tons) along with the 'Baek-kyong'.

Cultivating 'Pukyongers' who pioneer a new path

Pukyong National University, which has 210,000 alumni within and globally and abroad, is always paving a new path for national development, human co-prosperity, and world peace by nurturing 'Pukyong-ers', who can self-reflect in history and challenge for the future, who create new value and respect people.