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The Graduate School of Education was established in 1996, and is responsible for nurturing various education related professionals and fostering research education in various major (and related) areas. By providing a varied and innovative educational program, our graduate school is able to help students to develop as educational professionals and educational teachers and appropriately respond to the needs of today’s rapidly changing society.

부경대학교 전경사진

Masters Degree of Education

  • Humanities and Social Science:Educational Consulting, English Education,Child Psychology and Counseling, Early Childhood Education, Korean Education as a Foreign Language, Lifelong Education & Human Resource Development.
  • Natural Sciences:Fisheries Education, Mathematics Education, Computer Science Education.

Educational Aims

The Graduate School of Education in Pukyong National University teaches the theories and applicable methods needed to nurture education professionals with leading minds and creative ability who can contribute to regional society, the nation and the improvement of human society.


  • To nurture creative education professionals to help students to develop their potential to the maximum and flexibly deal with today’s knowledge-based society, high-tech informational society, and multicultural society.
  • To nurture teachers who will continuously study and strive for self-improvement to satisfy the various educational demands of a rapidly changing society.
  • To nurture empathetic and humanistic teachers who will be respected by students of various backgrounds and specialties.
  • To nurture teachers who can instill a sense of pride in their students by encouraging the spirit of volunteerism in today’s society.