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The Graduate School of International Studies provides the necessary education to understand politics, economics, society and the cultures of various regions around the globe through practical education and visual culture, digital visual media and media culture industry. This is education that is necessary for international relations and cooperation if we are to nurture advanced intellectuals who will lead the international, informational and visual era by facing the globalism that new information communication technology has presented.

부경대학교 전경사진

The Graduate School of International Studies comprises 6 masters degree courses. These are on Japan, China, Visual, Political Science and Journalism, America and TESOL, and the period of studying is four semesters of night classes. The International Graduate School is part of an organic cooperative organization among departments that processes regional research with complex and structural programs through approaches between students.

Therefore, most of the teaching staff of the humanities and social sciences department participate in courses at our graduate school. We also offer theoretical education from our teaching staff and present lectures and seminars with invited professionals from related areas.

Department of Japanese Studies

This department aims to nurture flexible, practical and regional professionals by accelerating understanding and cooperation through structural understanding of, and research on, Japan, which is the nearest neighbor of Busan. Regional professionals required in this global era should have fluent language ability with appropriate insight into society. Therefore, we have prepared practical opportunities in regional dialects through various lectures on politics, economics and culture.

Department of Chinese Studies

The Department of Chinese Studies has targeted China, which forms the new paradigm of the 21st century, and focuses on the understanding of whole areas of practical studies such as politics, economics, trade and social culture, as well as understanding and studying each Chinese region in depth. We have made it our goal to nurture intellectuals with the professional knowledge and practical ability to succeed as internationally-minded regional professionals. To realize this aim, we also focus on practical foreign language ability.

Department of Visual Communications

We concentrate on the economic resources of the visual aspects of filmmaking, and aim to nurture professionals in the area of digital content. We also aim to nurture intellectuals in each aspect of visual communications with the goal of making Busan Asia’s best visual industrial city. We aim to satisfy the demand for professional knowledge and education of visual and digital content, as shown below.

  • Education that responds to today’s rapidly changing social and cultural needs through inter-disciplinary means.
  • Enhance the ability to plan, manage, and control OSMU through complicated education processes of software, hardware and content ware.
  • Nurture advanced intellectuals with artistic emotion and technical knowledge.
  • Form theory and inter-organic relationships among industrial sites, by establishing a futuristic and competitive education environment.

Department of Political Science and Journalism

We aim to contribute to the development of regional society by nurturing talented regional intellectuals who will take control of historic tasks in this international, informational and regional era. In particular, we are focused on nurturing appropriate politicians in this democratic generation, together with journalists who could lead our informational society through practical public education and the formation of inter-cooperation regional networks.

Department of American Studies

We focus on practical English education, nurturing regional professionals who can carry out structural research on the American region, which leads the world in the global society of the 21st century. We also place an importance on acquiring synthesized knowledge and practical ability with regard to certain regions through disciplinary research and lectures on such topics as international politics, American economy, society and culture.

Department of TESOL

TESOL, an acronym for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, is a program designed to nurture English education professionals who can teach English effectively as a foreign language. The Department of TESOL aims to nurture excellent professionals who could teach early childhood English and elementary English.

Masters Degree Course

  • Night classes
  • Degree: international region studies, visual studies, political studies, mass communication studies, TESOL
  • Teaching Staff
    • Regional professionals around the globe, PKNU professors of mass communication, cinema, visual arts, history, politics and language (including American, Chinese and Canadian professors).
    • Around 100 professionals from inside and outside of Korea with doctors degree.
    • We provide top lecturers, including well known personalities, top directors of government, regional professionals, visual professional and other university professors, etc.