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The Division of International and Area Studies was established with the purpose of fostering a multidisciplinary research approach to Europe, China, and North America. These regions are key players and leaders of today’s global society. Our aim is train future professionals with the skills and knowledge necessary to understand developments in these three geographical areas.

We focus on giving students both practical language skills and in depth knowledge about the region of their choosing. Our research and lectures emphasizes international politics, trade and economics, as well as the major cultural, social and environmental issues facing each region.

부경대학교 전경사진
Major of International and Area Studies
  • DepartmMajor of International Development Cooperation
    Through understanding and practical training for international development cooperation, this major provides the expertise on Sustainable Development Plan of the world and politics, economy, society, culture, history of major cooperating countries and each region of the world. It is to train experts on international cooperaton that have the comprehensive knowledge and practical skills with English and local language capability of key partner countries and comprehensive knowledge about developing countries in Southeast Asia, Latin America and Africa, etc.
  • Major of Global Studies
    Students can gain expertise in politics, economy, society, culture and history of Europe and in North America as well as in regional integration centered on the European Union and the United States (NAFTA, TPP, etc.). It is to train local experts that have the comprehensive knowledge and practical skills on developed countries represented by Europe and North America.
Possible Career After Graduation
  • There are various careers that graduates may choose to pursue. According to their interests and proclivities, they may wish to enter foreign enterprises, media organizations, finance institutes, academic publishing houses, art and culture promotion organizations, tourism industries, overseas development organizations, maritime companies, translating companies, diplomatic corps, and government civil service. Numerous students go to continue their studies abroad. Also, if students choose to continue their studies in our graduate school, they will gain more in depth knowledge of Area Studies and may be eligible to become part of the teaching staff of PKNU after suitable work and research. Alternatively, examples of post-graduate studies careers are in KOICA or KOTRA and both national and regional government institutions.