Touching Tomorrow atPukyong National University


Representative Character

Main Character

PKNU Moby Dick(Baekyongee) and Ppugongee

Character Basic

"Baekyongee" is the character that embodies the sperm whale, the symbol of Pukyong National University which is the largest of toothed whales with the smartest head, known as the king of the sea. The newly created "Baekyongee" character represents the spirit of Pukyong National University, which pursues boundless freedom and genuine truth with a simple and friendly image. And the other one 'Ppugongee' is the character representing the geographical characteristics of Pukyong National University with the image of a seagull in Busan.

※ ’Baekyongee’ and ‘Ppugongee' are the grand prize-winning characters of the 2021 Nationwide Character Contest hosted by Pukyong National University.

Applied Character

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Representative Character(2006 ver.)