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Warmest congratulations on your graduation
WRITER 대외협력과 WRITE DAY 2024-02-21
작성자,작성일,첨부파일,조회수로 작성된 표
Warmest congratulations on your graduation
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PKNU held a commencement ceremony in February 2024

- 3,042 students graduated in the conference room at administration building on the 16th

Graduates taking a commemorative photo at Haneoul garden. Photo Lee Sung-Jae (PR team)


Pukyong National University (President Jang Young-Soo) held a graduation ceremony in the conference room on the second floor of the administration building on the morning of February 16, with President Jang Young-Soo, Seo Young-Ok, president of the alumni association, national assembly members Park Soo-Young (Nam-gu, Gap) and Park Jae-Ho (Nam-gu, Eul), graduates, and parents attending in February 2024.


The number of degree recipients at Pukyong National University in February 2024 is a total of 3,042, including 115 doctoral degrees, 427 master's degrees, and 2,500 bachelor's degrees.


At the event, which was held online and offline, student Kim Hyeon-Seok (division of business administration) received the award from President for excellent academic performance, and Jeong Jae-Hee (division of environmental and marine sciences and technology) received the award from alumni association president.


To commemorate the graduation ceremony and the 100th anniversary of the school's founding, Pukyong National University held a graduation celebration event and a 100 won coffee selling event, setting up photo zones for taking graduation photos throughout the campus so that graduates could leave memories.


President Jang Young-Soo gave a speech at the graduation ceremony, saying, "With your graduation, this year is also a meaningful year that Pukyong National University leaves a significant mark, marking 100 years since its founding," he added, "I hope that you can use the deep footprints of older alumni as a steppingstone and move forward into the future, leaving clearer footprints."


"Now, the world's economic, social, cultural, and political axes are rapidly moving to Asian countries, including Korea," he encouraged, "The future has already arrived and demands change and innovation. Remember, you can be anything and go anywhere."


On this day, Seo Young-Ok, president of the alumni association said in a congratulatory speech, "We sincerely congratulate you on your graduation, the 220,000 alumni active around the world will be your strong supporters," she added, "Hope you keep in mind that you can be happy and live well not only when you are happy, but also when those around you are happy as well." <Pukyong Today>

The conference room at the administration building where the graduation ceremony held.

President Jang Young-Soo and others entering prior to the event.

Seo Young-Ok, president of the alumni association, giving a congratulatory speech.

President Jang Young-Soo awarding president prize to a student with excellent grades.

Seo Young-Ok, president of the alumni association is presenting the alumni president award to a student with excellent grades and taking a commemorative photo.

President Jang Young-Soo posing for a commemorative photo after awarding degrees to representative graduates.

Academic affairs committee members and guests who attended the graduation ceremony posing for a commemorative photo in front of the administration building after the ceremony.

Participants in the graduation celebration event with Baekyong(ee) posing for a commemorative photo.

Participants in the 100 won coffee event commemorating the school’s 100th anniversary.